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About Vigo Light Company Limited


Vigo Light, a lighting company with full energy, means that the company will always be based on product innovation, applying advanced and mature technology to home lighting products, and at an affordable price and good quality products. It will be as the company's consistent operation aim, allowing customers to continue to enjoy the fun of lighting technology.


Vigo Light always believes that lighting products should be a combination of beautiful appearance and soft lighting effect. When the light is on, it can bring beautiful and soft light to the room; when the light is gone, it should also be a beautiful part of home decoration. Therefore, Vigo Light will always adhere to this lighting design philosophy, not forgetting the original heart.


Although Vigo Light is a founding manufacturer, we are a group of entrepreneurial teams engaged in home lighting design and production for ten or even twenty years. Because of the same philosophy and interest, after years of careful planning and preparation, Vigo Light was finally created in 2014. Although we are a company that has just started, we have a wealth of industry experience, we will continue to study hard and constantly improve ourselves.


Vigo Light will be based on OEM or ODM business ideas in the future. We warmly welcome you to call or visit us. We will be happy to provide you with fast and efficient quality service.

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